As Holy Cross is a small school, each class is made up of more than one year group. To ensure complete coverage of the curriculum and to avoid repetition, we have created a curriculum plan that spans over 3 years, with a Cycle A, B and C.

Our aim with the curriculum is to ensure that individual subjects are taught in a sequential way and where there are natural links between subjects, we make them. We want our curriculum to be planned so that learning is progressive, with pupils building upon prior knowledge so that they know more and remember more.

During the academic year 2021-2022, we will be following the Curriculum Overview – Cycle A.


Our Curriculum Statements for each subject area set out our intent and vision for the children learning the subject in the school. The Curriculum Statements explore how we will implement our intent and finally how we will measure the impact. Our Progression Grids ensure the complete coverage of the subjects and their curriculum. 

Art and Design Curriculum Statement

Art and Design Progression Grid

Computing Curriculum Statement

Computing Progression Grid

Design and Technology Curriculum Statement

Design and Technology Progression Grid

Early Years Curriculum Statement

English Phonics for Reading Curriculum Statement

English Reading after Phonics Curriculum Statement

English Reading Progression Grid

English Writing Curriculum Statement

English Writing Progression Grid

Geography Curriculum Statement

Geography Progression Grid

History Curriculum Statement

History Progression Grid

Maths Progression Grid

MFL French Curriculum Statement

MFL French Progression Grid

Music Curriculum Statement

Music Progression Grid

PE Curriculum Statement

PE Progression Grid

PSHE and RSE Curriculum Statement

PSHE and RSE Progression Grid

RE Curriculum Statement

RE Progression Grid

Science Curriculum Statement

Science Progression Grid