At Holy Cross we recognise that children learn beyond the classroom. Here are our online subscriptions that will suport your child accross the curriculum. 

Teach Your Monster to Read

Teach your Monster to Read is an award-winning series of games, which helps children to master the key first stages of reading. It's been created by the Usborne Foundation, led by Peter Usborne (of Usborne Publishing). We're using it at school with children from Reception to Year 3 and they will benefit more from the game if they can play at home.

To start playing, please click on the image below. 

Times Table Rockstars

We're excited that children from Year 1 to Year 6 have a Times Tables Rock Stars account. When it comes to times tables, speed AND accuracy are important – the more facts your child remembers, the easier it is for them to do harder calculations. Times Table Rock Stars is a fun and challenging programme designed to help students master the times tables! To be a Times Table Rock Star you need to answer any multiplication fact up to 12×12 in less than 3 seconds!

To start playing, please click on the image below. 

Bedrock Vocabulary

Bedrock Vocabulary has a simple mission: to narrow the word gap that exists between different groups of students and improve outcomes across the curriculum for all students in Year 5 and Year 6. Bedrock’s extensive vocabulary curriculum delivers excellent progress for students. Students are word aware and have the tools to improve their vocabulary.

To start learning new vocabulary, please click on the image below.

Read Theory

Read Theory is a reading website to support children’s comprehension in Year 5 and Year 6. It accompanies students on a journey through a library of reading comprehension. Read Theory's adaptive approach fosters improvement by automatically meeting learners at their own, individual ability levels.

To start reading, please click on the image below.


Please contact your child's class teacher if you need a reminder of their log in details.