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Staff and pupils at Holy Cross are delighted to announce they have been awarded £300 to spend on high-quality reading books for our school.

The grant was given to the school after a successful application by our Literacy Lead and Willow classteacher, Miss Travers. The Siobhan Dowd Trust aim to encourage reading for pleasure and the money has to be spent at an independent bookshop with the children selecting their own books.

On Thursday, Willow Class had a real treat when they travelled to Bags of Books children's bookshop in Lewes in an old Routemaster double decker bus. Mrs Dart watched the children board the bus and waved them off.

The children were in safe hands as driver, Pat is well known to the school and has driven Holy Cross pupils on numerous trips over the years. Today was history in the making, as never before have the children travelled in such style, in such an iconic British bus.


We look forward to perusing the books after half term. Hopefully, all the books chosen will be great page-turners!

Every pupil in Willow Class had such a wonderful time selecting high-quality books for their friends in the other classes. This trip really did encourage the fine art of the bookshop-browse.

We are so very grateful to Siobhan Down Trust for the money to develop reading for pleasure in our school.

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Dear God,

Bless our school.

Bless the buildings.

Bless the teachers and everyone who works here.

Bless the helpers and everyone who volunteers.

Bless the work we do.

Bless the games we play.

Bless each and every one of us.

May our school be a place of happiness, respect and love.

Whole School

Our school is the best!

Each child in Years 5 & 6 have buddies in Reception.  They're really nice.

Each class has a class charter and they say things like "take turns" and "treat others well".

My best day is going to be Thursday 22nd October because Willow Class will be going to Bag of Books to buy new books for the whole school.

Signing off:  JH

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What a sad yet exciting week it has been so far. Let's start by saying the Receptions have really settled in and formed particularly strong bonds with their Year 5&6 buddies. A lot of them seem to like football and Duck, Duck, Goose.

Also the pilgrimage we were planning to go on today was postponed due to heavy downpours of rain! We hope to be able to do it on Monday. Fingers crossed!

In Willow class today in Maths we learned about prime numbers and square numbers. In P.E we learned about and how to play bench ball.

Thanks for reading.

Signed: N.B.

Whole School

The leaves are beginning to change colour, heralding the end of Term 1 and a well-earned half term break. School staff have been so proud of all the pupils, who have worked ceaselessly throughout the term, endeavouring to make up for lost learning.

On Friday 16th October, our year to date attendance was 96.4%. This is a notable improvement and it shows everyone's committment to ensuring that all children are Here, Every day, Ready to learn, On time, i.e. that they are being little HEROes.

Have a wonderful half term break. Keep safe and we'll see you all very soon.


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Steve Tilling, our Forest School lead, brought in a metal detector on Tuesday because he had lost a ring in the Forest School last week and needed the help of the Year 5 group and Charlie to find it. Charlie diligently combed the area with the metal detector and to everyone's surprise, he uncovered a time capsule which had been buried in 2011.

The time capsule had been buried there by the teacher and pupils of 2011's Kangaroo Class. These pupils have since moved onto secondary school. In the capsule was a little book of photos, the class' favourite story books, a Nativity photo and a DVD. Everything was rather rotten and smelly but once cleaned, the DVD still worked and it gave the children in Willow Class an insight into the school day of previous Holy Cross pupils.

The plan is to find a better, more airtight, container and to re-bury it along with some mementoes from Willow Class, so that future pupils might dig it up again at some point.

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If you have not already signed up and downloaded the Studybugs app, please see the flyer below or visit the Studybugs website to register today.

We communicate with our parents and carers via Studybugs - individual messages and whole class/school reminders and information. 

If you do not have Studybugs and do not receive the notifications then these messages get sent to your main email address, so please make sure you check your inbox regularly. 

You can also quickly and easily report your child's absence or send the school office a message via Studybugs too.  Please let us know if you have any queries.

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Next term, it will be Silver Birch class taking part in Forest School.
On Tuesday 3rd November, the Year 3 children will be joining our Forest School teacher, Steve, for their lesson.  Then the following week, on Tuesday 10th November, the Year 4 children will be attending Forest School.  The Year 3 and Year 4 children will alternate each week until the Christmas break.

Please make sure your child brings into school their Forest School kit on the day they have their session.  Kit should consist of a long sleaved top/jumper, long trousers (water proof if possible), waterproof jacket, wellie boots and if its cold they may like to bring in a woolley hat.  We are now going into winter so it is likely to be cold, wet and muddy! 

Forest school is in the afternoon, so the children will be sent home in their kit straight after their lesson.  Please be prepared for them to be a little wet/muddy.  

Parent Information

All children in KS1, and Reception receive a free piece of fruit or vegetable everyday as part of the Government’s School Fruit and Vegetable Scheme. As children move up into KS2, if they wish to have a break time snack, they are required to bring in something from home. However, all children may prefer their own healthy choice of snack. Healthy snacks can include:

· Fruit,

· Vegetables,

· Dried fruits,

· Crackers.

Please do not send your child in to school with crisps, chocolate or sweets. 
Please also remember we are a nut free school.

You can view our schools lunchbox policy on the schools policies page on our website if you would like more information. 

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Well, it's that time again, to "Clap our Hands and Wiggle our Fingers, Ring the Bells and Shake the Tamourines!!!"  Which is what has been happening in our lovely new Music Room since September.  The new Tree Classes, starting with Reception, have been learning to use and identify un-tuned percussion instruments - Drums, Bells, Castanets and Woodblocks.

Years 1 and 2 are also using these instuments, as well as Cymbals, Tambourines and Snare Drum to Bang, Shake, Rattle and Roll!  We are even learning some Italian music words such as Crescendo, Diminuendo, Forte and Piano (ask them to translate).

Key Stage 2 are once again learning and playing the Ukuleles (red, purple, yellow and black).  They are having fun twisting their fingers around the Chords C, Am, F and G7 whilst strumming down and up, and singing rounds and songs at the same time!  It's amazing what fun we have with the song "Old MacDonald".  He no longer has a Farm but a Uke and lots of C's!  As it's Harvest time, we are singing that lovely favourite "Big Red Combine Harvester" and learning a great song called "Friends" plus lots of action songs to keep us fit and healthy.

Next term the children will be learning and playing festive and seasonal music for Christmas.  So we continue to "Sing La, La and play the instruments!"

Whole School

We are encouraging everyone to walk/cycle/scooter to school this month.  There is a scooter and bike Rack available at Holy Cross located to the right of reception.  There is also a cover for those days when the weather is not great.

Whole School

World Mental Health Day is on Saturday 10th October and this year's theme of "Mental Health for All", gives everyone the opportunity to consider their emotional wellbeing.

To find out more please follow the link below:

World Mental Health Day

Whole School Parent Information

On Monday 5th October Cherry Class celebrated World Teachers' Day by making cards and letters.  Lots of fun was had by everyone! 

Whole School Reception
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We received our Artsmark Award during Lockdown so it has been pretty difficult to have fully embraced and celebrated our achievements since receiving our Award.
To kick off the autumn term, Artsmark put on celebration events that recognised all the great work we have done and continue to do in our school. We took part in fun and interactive workshops delivered by leading Arts organisations!
We took part in a lyric writing session with Young Urban Arts Foundation and also got hands on by turning simple vegetables into glorious sounding instruments with SoCo Music Project.
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Today we completed our second Zoom Live Workshop with ArtsMark.

The aim of the session was to create musical instruments with various fruit and vegetables. 

Firstly, we made a carrott whistle. We corred a carrot, cut slices out and then plugged the other end with cylinders of potato. 

Our second instrument was a courgette maraca by slicing the courgette and adding a spring onion into the middle!
Finally, we made pepper shakers! We chopped off the top of a pepper and filled with lentils and chickpeas!
What great fun we had!
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Holy Cross CE Primary School is 170 years old!

We were delighted that the sun shone for us on our annual pilgrimage, where we walked together to St Margaret the Queen’s to celebrate and give thanks for our school. We were thrilled that St Margaret’s was able to accommodate us, with enough space to allow us to keep safely within our bubbles and yet be able to celebrate together.

We paused for a drink and a snack before enjoying our celebration service. Each class contributed beautifully. Our youngest pupils in Cherry class sang a prayer for us; whilst Oak class shared some fantastic artwork about their favourite activities at school. Five children from Silver Birch shared some of the things they like about Holy Cross and our oldest pupils in Willow class demonstrated the fruits of their recent lyric writing workshop with a fantastic rap, performed by the whole class, about Holy Cross!

We are very proud of our school and its close-knit community, and it was especially wonderful to see our oldest pupils supporting their Reception class bubble and enjoying the walk together.

Check our our Pilgrimage Vlog here.

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Willow Class spent a whole day with Suzi Green from Marine Society and Sea Cadets. 


The children explored buoyancy, calculated volume, used Newton metres and created ships that were water tight. 

At the end of the session, Suzi explained opportunities in STEM professions, and explained the knowledge that the children needed to take that path.
As a school with the Primary Science Quality Mark (2018), we thoroughly enjoyed Suzi's visit, activities and insight into working in a STEM company. 
School Event Year 5 Year 6

Dear Jesus, you who promise to be with me always, I pray that you would be with me today as I go to school. Bless my going and my coming. Bless my learning and my playing. Please protect my heart from fear. Please keep me safe. Please give me good friends. Give me joy this day, and thank you for loving me from head to toe. In your name. Amen.

Today Year 5 & 6 attended a Lyric Writing Class with ArtsMark on Zoom 
And what a brilliant session it was! By the end, we were all rapping to a beat!
The session started with an enormous congratulations to Holy Cross on our Silver ArtsMark Award. They explained to all the participants how hard we worked on our Arts events such as the May Parade and singing at the Countrymen's Lunch.
We spent most of the session learning how to write song lyrics for a chorus in a rap beat. 
Our lyrics ranged from topics about homework, all the way to our pets. 
Here are some of lyrics:
'Hey mum, answer your phone,
I've got school work to do at home,
I'm all alone, moan, moan, moan,
Please leave a message after the tone.'
'This is a song about our school,
Our school is really cool,
Everyone is so playful, 
Our school is so beautiful.' 
Who knew Miss Travers could rap?!
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